Bye Bye Blackbird Songtext
von Joe Cocker

Bye Bye Blackbird Songtext

Pack up all my cares and woes
Feelin' low, here I go
I said, bye (Bye, bye, blackbird)
Oh, blackbird, now

Where somebody waits for me
Sugar's sweet, so is she
I said, bye, yeah (Bye, bye, blackbird)
Ah, little blackbird

No one seems to love
Or understand me, now
And woe and hard luck stories they-
They keep handing me, yeah

Where somebody shines the light
I'll be comin' on home tonight, now
I want to say bye, bye (Bye, bye, blackbird)
Ah, blackbird

(Bye, bye, blackbird)
(Bye, bye, blackbird)

Nobody seems to love
Or understand me
And horrid hard luck stories
They keep on handin' me
Keep on handin' me

I'll sail where somebody hides the light
Yes, I'm comin' on home tonight
Oh, Lord, yeah (Bye, bye, blackbird)
I wanna say, bye, bye, blackbird
Lord, have mercy
They better love me now

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