I Want You Songtext
von Friska Viljor

I Want You Songtext

I want you to say how much I love you
Cause I don′t think I'll know ever again
I want you to tell me how to be happy
Cause I′ve lost it and don't think I will come back
I want you to see what I've been up to
Maybe then you would understand me
I want you to show me where I am going
Cause I do think that I have lost my way
You want me to say how much I love you
So you′ll know how to behave
You want me to tell you that I am happy
Just to make shure that you′re doing fine
You don't want to see what I′ve been up to
Cause it could hurt you in so many ways
You want to know where I am going
Cause if i don't you will go away

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