Back Home Songtext
von Eric Clapton

Back Home Songtext

Back Home Lyrics

I′ve been on the road too long
Moving in the wrong direction
I don't know where I belong
I don′t know what I will do, if I can't get back home
Troubles I've got on my own
They don′t fit no other person
Memories keep rollin′ on
I don't know what I will do, if I can′t get back home

I don't fit, but I don′t give a damn
I won't quit, cause I know who I am
And I′ll admit that I've been on the lam

Bit by bit, I'll review my plan
This is it, do the best I can
Trust and understand

′Cause that I know I′m loved
I'll be on my way
Got no need to stay ′round here
'Cause I been on this road too long
Going in the wrong direction
And I don′t know where I come from
All I know is I will die, if I don't get back home

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