rock + roll Songtext
von EDEN

rock + roll Songtext

So tell me this is who you are
They tell me, I've got something more
And oh, you could be loved
But I don't want the lights to
Find me when I'm dark and lost, but never on my own

'Cause I just wanna swing like Sinatra
Singing like I can't stop
'Cause I can never rock like a Rolling Stone
I just wanna live like the ones before, yeah

And maybe I could play guitar like Hendrix
Or save the world or end it
And maybe they'll remember me when I'm gone
That's all I could ever want
That's all I want

So I got ten minutes to be all or nothing to
Whoever wants to hear
And I got ten weeks of talking bullshit on repeat
'Til I'm burnt out and disappear

But I owe you nothing
And I own my luck
Oh, they say you'll never be alone again
But I don't think you understand me or what I fear

But you could be loved
But I don't wanna lie to
Tell myself I'm more than all the mistakes I've outrun

But I'm only here for a minute
And I don't care what you say
'Cause I know you're only here 'cause I'm winning
But I can be my own kind of rock and roll, like

I don't really care if you say, you don't fuck with me
And I can say what the fuck I want 'cause it's down to me
And I got love for you even if you were doubting me
Like, oh my God, I just can't stop

'Cause I just wanna sing like Sinatra
With ethanol my soundtrack
'Cause I could never rock like a Rolling Stone
And wonder how it feels to burnout young

'Cause I just wanna die before my heart fails
From heartbreak or cocktails
And maybe you'll cry once you know I'm gone
That's all I could ever want
Oh, that's all I want, yeah
'Cause I ain't scared of livin'

(Does it get easier?)
No, I ain't scared of livin'
(Yes, It gets easier)
(Oh yeah? Lo

No I ain't scared of livin'
'Cause it's all we've got
What are we breathin' for if we ain't livin'?
And I don't want your love
I just wanna feel like I'm still livin'
And if there is no God
I'll know the day I die I lived through heaven
And that I gave it hell
And if it hurt, oh well
At least that's living

(The more you know who you are, and what you want...)
That's all I want
(The less you let things upset you)
That's all I want
(I just don't know what I'm supposed to be)
(Ya know?)
(I tried being a writer, but umf
I hate what I write and ahh
I tried taking pictures, but
They're so mediocre, you know?
And every girl goes through a photography phase
You know, like horses?
And take uh, dumb pictures of your feet)
(You'll figure that out
I'm not worried about you)

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