Years Go By Songtext
von Bryson Tiller

Years Go By Songtext

With what the young generation's doing
And I'm like, "Yo, man, you really just got to do this, like"
Worrying about or tryna figure out
What they, if they gon' like it or not
Aww man, you gon' have about five years go by
Next thing you know, you ain't gon' wanna do this shit no more
But you really just gotta do you

(Going by)
(Going, going, gone, gone, gone, gone)
(Going by)
(Going, going, gone, gone, gone, gone)
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah
(Going by)

Years go by, where we at right now? (Now)
Dog we might be able to relax right now (now)
Pressure on me whenever I'm flatlined down
I can't keep 'em on my back right now
The game called me and said, "Come back right now" (right now)
Put the fire on the fuckin' wax right now, yeah (right now)
She want all the eggs in one batch right now, but (right, right now)
I can't risk that right now, no

City on fire, that's 'cause of me and Jack, huh (me and Jack)
50 deuce got the city loose, goin' platinum (goin' platinum)
Spit the truth in the booth, give it to the fandom (fandom)
Listen boo, I gotta make these anthems
Anywho, she went ghost on me, Danny Phantom
Single ladies, romance 'em (romance 'em)
Hold me baby, no ransom
Know me crazy, throwin' tantrums

Know me crazy
Know me crazy
(Baby, baby)
Yeah (oh)
Years go by (yeah)
Years go by (yeah)
Years go by
Listen up (going by)

Yeah, show tonight, hoe it's hype, won't you let go tonight
Baby, get closer right, it was meant for you (yeah)
Heard it right, bitches ain't sittin' it for you (no)
Certified, bonafide, genuine for you, that's (that's real-real)
That's a fuckin' synonym for you
Givenchy, you like em? I'll send 'em in for you
Split it with a nigga, got the dividends for you
You down with it, wood brown, cinnamon for you

Yeah, you don't live for this life, girl, I know
But this is the life I know
Yes, it took a little time
Just a grown nigga, but I've grown since then
And I promise, we gon' keep it solid
Keep away all the monsters
Fuck this nonsense, no dividin', we conquer
It's that anniversary
Sing that shit like Tony, sing this chorus and this verse for me
Bae it's Gawdtilla

(Where you goin'?)
('Fore this time go)
(Going, going, gone, gone, gone)

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