In the Afterglow Songtext
von Bread

In the Afterglow Songtext

Here in the afterglow of what we've done, what remains
Here in the after show of what we've seen
Is it strange to be falling away now
Or would you say we should have known
It would end this way and both of us turn to dust

We went deeper deeper in debt to games and lies
We got over our head and never realized
When, how or why?
But now as I sit reflecting on your face in my hand
Now I can see your picture helps retrace
all the steps we took, places we went to,
thoughts that we tried, tripping along
on a love we never understood with no guide

Many things were taken for granted all along
Firm foundations never were planted all went wrong
Down, we fell down and broke in a million pieces
We couldn't put it all together
We couldn't put it all together again

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