Look at Me Songtext
von Bread

Look at Me Songtext

I′m driftin' down the street
Asking of all I meet
Don′t you know me from somewhere
Hazel eyes and curly hair
Have you seen me anywhere
Look at me
I'm blending into the wall
And I wonder if I'm really here at all

Time goes by
So do I
But no one blinks an eye
Mirrors aren′t reflecting me
Laws aren′t protecting
And no one's expecting me
On the edge
I feel like I′m going to fall
And I wonder if I'll never land at well

Loneliness comes and stays
Torturing nights and days
People stare but cannot speak
Hearts are strong
But tongues are weak
Maybe all our minds are meek
Look at me
I′m fading into the floor
And wonder if I'm living anymore.

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