Lovin' You Songtext
von Bobby Darin

Lovin' You Songtext

If you are wond'rin' what I'm gonna do

While you are sleepin', am I sleepin' too,
Well, I'm just sittin' here lovin' you,
Close my eyes and lovin' you,
I'm just sittin' back, sittin' here lovin' you.
I have been wond'rin' just what I would do

If I weren't sleepin', had I not found you,
But I'd be outside findin' you,
Walkin' on the avenue, findin' you,
Well, I'm just sittin' back,
Sittin' here lovin' you.

Now the reason that you never see me runnin' 'round,
Fingers on my forehead couldn't calm me down,
She can even get me up on my feet,
When I've got to take care of some business
On the street.

I have been walkin' all my streets alone,
I would keep walkin' to keep from going home,
I couldn't quite barely conceive of you,
Now I can't conceive of ever leavin' you,
'cause I'm just sittin' back,
Sittin' here lovin' you.

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