The Other Side Songtext
von Bmike

The Other Side Songtext

You never wanna hold me
You never wanna see me... cry
But now I'm so lonely
And you didn't even say goodbye
But what would you say to me
If you didn't put the blame on me
But maybe (but maybe) Just maybe (just maybe)
I'll see you on the other side
So every night I'd stay awake and pray (awake and pray)
That you'll live to see a greater day (greater day)
And all I did was try to take the pain away but then you went ahead and still replaced my love with razor blades
Fuck it
It's like my feelings don't occur to you
Spoiled you with affection but drugs you still prefer to do
I hate it, I'm stressed again
Sick of all the estrogen clouding up your thoughts that I'm drowning with this pad and pen
If you'd excuse me, I'm just stuck up in a moment
That's confusing as to why yous my hearts an opponent
Now I'm fed up
At the fact that you've discarded every part thats been bombarde then why aren't we done with all of majority of it
It gets exhausting trying to talk when we are arguing
And all its both to auras and now its honestly so awkard when we see eachothers faces and its hatred we be facing man
I hate to say its igniting flames in both our craniums

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