Space Songtext
von Becky Hill

Space Songtext

It's like we're only honest on the weekend
Only when we're out our minds
Now we're tryna swim in the deep end
Different people different times

You got troubles with your mother
Then you make me suffer
Mistakes i haven't made

I got problems with my father
Its hard to love another
Without being afraid

Maybe we need space

I thought it would take a conversation
But now we've spent a week apart
It feels like we're losing our patience
Tryna find each other in the dark

You brush mountains under carpet
Hoping it's forgetten
Until another day

And i just wanna talk it over
Try and pull us closer
But you just run away

Maybe we need space

In the distance
In between us
We can find our way home

If you want to
Be how we used to
We just need some time alone

It's like we're only honest on the weekend
But now we're running out of time

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