Pick up the Phone Songtext
von Baba Shrimps

Pick up the Phone Songtext

You say that I'm wrong
You don't pick up your phone
You say maybe baby I've been waiting so long
C'mon pick up pick up pick up your phone

I said I'm right there when you need me right there
And we can make it, I can feel it, I swear
You want it your way well I want it mine
You don't reply but I see you're online

Listen to my message on your phone
I'll tell you everything after the tone
Something I was always meant to say
It's written in bold on your display
Pick up the phone!

I know that I'm, that I'm, that I'm playing the fool
I'm the one that lit it, forget it, cause you're the one who's cruel
Just ring me up to put me down or to the test
Come on let me have it, I'm expecting nothing less
Look at me now, you don't see who I am
Look at me now, don't you know that I've changed
Come on I know that I was wrong but
You leave me haning here all night long
Come on I know now where I belong just hear me out after the tone

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