An Ordinary Life Songtext
von Anne Clark

An Ordinary Life Songtext

The madman looked inside the eyes of the face upon the mirror -
"It seems I'm losing my way again" - he sighed
And once again the tell-tale tears begin their journey
Down an ever deepening track

His wife places a hand upon his shoulder
How over these past few months, he's aged so many years

He'd give this life to live again
He'd be so more daring, be so much bolder -
But a little less aware
It's something of which he can't be certain
And so he stays restrained and hurting

At breakfast he places a kiss upon his only daughter
How he longs for her to run to them as she did when she was young,
But her secrets have become her fears too
Yet still she remains his child

His still-pretty wife manages so well
Makes excuses for his abscence
Tries so hard to find the road he's on

The madman combs his hair
His expression has returned almost to normal
And he blends almost perfectly with the crowd
Back into an ordinary life
An ordinary life

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