Gotta Get Home Songtext
von 77 Bombay Street

Gotta Get Home Songtext

walking in the shadows of mankind / drinking from the dust in the streets / living through theseasons having 1000 reasons / trying to makeends meet / flipping coins and lights in september / dancing with the leaves of july / february pavements seemto hold resentments / against me as time's flying by
gotta get home gotta get home in december / when the lights are shining bright / gotta get back to whati remember / and then everything's alright / tellmy mum i'm coming home in december
i have seen the eiffel tour in paris / and ihave seen the squares of new york / i been sleeping nextto towers singing songs for hours / finding
comfort in being a dork / playing with the whales in theocean / climbing on a mountain with blue eyes /and under porches and bridges i've learned that all theriches / are waiting for me in disguise
i want to go back i need to go back home / my friendsare waiting for me to come back home / andeverybody's there and we have things to share / and thefamily prayer something is in the wind and iknow for sure / deep down in the core now it's time togo / to my loved ones i need to go back home

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