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  1. Freedom Riders
  2. Vietnam
  3. Pleasures of the Habor
  4. Outside of a Small Circle
  5. The Crucifiction
  6. The Highway Man
  7. Song of a Soldier (demo)
  8. The Confession (demo)
  9. Download Track
  10. We Seek No Wider War (Home Tape)
  11. AMA Song
  12. New Town
  13. Bobby Dylan Record
  14. Don't Try Again
  15. Once I Lived the Life of a Commissar
  16. Never Again
  17. The Ballad of William Worthy
  18. What's That I Hear?
  19. First Snow
  20. The Ballad of U.S. Steel
  21. The Ballad of Oxford, Mississippi
  22. Spanish Lament
  23. The Ballad of Davey Moore
  24. The Ballad of Alfred Packer
  25. The Ballad of Rubén Jaramillo
  26. Hazard, Kentuckey
  27. The A.M.A. Song
  28. Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore?
  29. I Ain't Marching Anymore (Electric) (bonus track)
  30. How High's the Watergate
  31. Intro, Tuning, Banter
  32. I’ve Had Her
  33. I’ve Got Something to Say
  34. War Is Over
  35. Old Concepts Never Die
  36. I Want You, I Need You
  37. All Shook Up
  38. Power and Glory
  39. Highwayman
  40. Oh Boy
  41. Rhythms of Revolution
  42. Medley- Good and Drunk, Fare Thee Well
  43. Heartbreak Hotel
  44. White Boots
  45. Think It Over
  46. Cannons of Christianity
  47. Banter
  48. Intro
  49. A Small Circle Of Friends
  50. Positively (not) 4th Street
  51. Who Was the Fool Throwed the Basket in the Pool
  52. talk
  53. I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore
  54. The Hills of West Virginia
  55. My Baby Left Me
  56. I’m Gonna Love You Too
  57. It’s So Easy
  58. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  59. Ready to Rock and Roll
  60. Talkin' Cuban Crisis
  61. tease and song intro
  62. Maybe Baby
  63. Morning (experiment in jazz chords)
  64. Not Fade Away
  65. Danny Boy
  66. Hands
  67. I Ain't Marchin'
  68. Small Circle
  69. Everyday
  70. One Way Ticket Home [original tape flip cuts front]
  71. Fool Such as I Am
  72. There, but for Fortune
  73. Small Circle of Friends
  74. Firehouse 35
  75. Outside a Small Circle of Friends
  76. Jimmy Brown the Newsboy (Roger Miller)
  77. Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash)
  78. Requests For Ice
  79. Unknown
  80. Whispering Pines (Johnny Horton)
  81. Intro to Give My Love To Rose
  82. Pins and Needles (Hank Snow)
  83. Two Brothers (The Blue and the Grey) (Irving Gordon)
  84. False Start
  85. explaining Gas Station Women
  86. crowd
  87. I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)
  88. Intro to Crucifixion
  89. Give My Love to Rose (Johnny Cash)
  90. Smilin' Bill McCall (Johnny Cash)
  91. Gas Station Women (Part 1)
  92. Some Old Day (Louise Certain/Gladys Stacey)
  93. All for the Love of a Girl (Johnny Horton)
  94. Tuning
  95. Big River (Johnny Cash)
  96. Intro to I Ain't Got No Home
  97. Frauline (Hank Locklin)
  98. Too Many Parties (Too Many Pals) (Hank Williams)
  99. I'll Be a Bachelor Till I Die (Hank Williams)
  100. Sea of Heartbreak (David/Hampton)
  101. Shoals of Herring (Ewan MacColl)
  102. Please Release Me (Roger Miller)
  103. Master's Call (Marty Robbins)
  104. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail (Hank Snow)
  105. Eight More Miles to Louisville (Grandpa Jones)
  106. Gas Station Women (Part Two)
  107. I Wish I Had a Nickel (Hank Williams)
  108. The World Began in Eden but Ended in Los Angeles
  109. Ballad of the USS Thresher
  110. Canons of Christainity
  111. Spanish Civil War
  112. Men Behind the Guns
  113. Where Were You in Chicago
  114. Kansas City
  115. Plains of Nebrasky-O
  116. White Boots Marching on a Yellow Land
  117. [talk]
  118. [intro, tuning, banter]
  119. [false start]
  120. [intro to Give My Love to Rose]
  121. [intro to Crucifixion]
  122. [tuning]
  123. [banter]
  124. [crowd]
  125. Gas Station Women (Part One)
  126. [unknown]
  127. [explaining Gas Station Women]
  128. [intro to I Ain't Got No Home
  129. [tease and song intro]
  130. [requests for ice]
  131. [intro]
  132. Gordon Friesen With Phil Ochs In 1968, The West Coast, The Music Business, The American Scene
  133. Introduction And Background With Phil Ochs. He Comments On The Music Industry In The Early 1960's, On Bob Dylan, The Kennedy Assassination, On The Specialty Record Companies
  134. The Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert, Vietnam, The Movies
  135. I’m Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail (Hank Snow)
  136. I Ain’t Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)
  137. Master’s Call (Marty Robbins)
  138. [intro to I Ain’t Got No Home
  139. I’ll Be a Bachelor Till I Die (Hank Williams)
  140. Give My Love to Rose


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