Is Fort Worth Worth It Songtext
von Terri Clark

Is Fort Worth Worth It Songtext

You say your bags are packed
You won't be coming back
You'll hit I-35 and be in cowtown by tonight
In Austin, here with me
Ain't where you want to be
But somewhere down the line, the price will be
way too high

Is Fort Worth worth it
For what it costs in Austin
Is the love you think you'll find
Worth the love you're gonna lose
Can that woman west of Dallas
Make you forget about us
Is Fort Worth worth it to you

She offered you the moon
But darling, someday soon
The sun is gonna rise and you'll see things
In a different light
The love you're looking for
Is right inside my door
And if you leave you might ask yourself some
lonely night

(Repeat Chorus)

Is Fort Worth really worth it to you

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