Gib einem Kind deine Hand deutsche Übersetzung
von Nana Mouskouri

Gib einem Kind deine Hand Lyrics Übersetzung

Give your hand to a child
Song lyrics /Nana Mouskouri
Give your hand to a child
Stand again as stunned
Before smallest things you already know
Give your hand to a child
Keep a child in your arm
Helpless and defenceless and warm
And you get helpless and defenceless at this
Keep your child as a miracle
Comfort a child if it weeps
And what seems important for you
Before its worries that counts no more
Worries of children are heavy
Donate a child your time
Attraction and affaction
Change your haste against happiness
And you will yourself get small again
Keep a child on your knees
And it will learn you soon
How wealthless important things often are
You only finally learn from achild
Show a child to walk by itself
To stand on its own feet
The first steps still so unskilled /clumsy
Keep your child as a gift
Then learn to it not to stay in the way
Learn your child to walk away /to step further

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