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von Loriot

Garderobe Lyrics Übersetzung

A married couple: Man (M) and woman (W) [Loriot & Evelyn Hamann]
W: "What do you think of my dress?"
M: "Which one?"
W: "The one I'm wearing."
M: "Especially pretty."
W: "Or do you like the green one better?"
M: "The green one?"
W: "The half-length one with the pointy neckline."
M: "No."
W: "What 'no'?"
M: "I don't think it's prettier than what you have on."
W: "You said it looked so good on me."
M: "Yes. It looks good on you."
W: "Then why don't you think it looks better?"
M: "I think what you are wearing is very nice and the other one suits you as well.
W: "Oh. So this one doesn't look good on me?"
M: "It also does."
W: "Then I'll put the long blue one with the peplums on again.
M: "Ah yes("okay")."

W: "Or don't you like that?"
M: "I do."
W: "I think it is your favorite dress?"
M: "Yes."
W: "Then you like it better than what I'm wearing and the half-length green one with the pointed neckline.
M: "I think you look great in what you wear"
W: "Compliments do not help me at all at the moment.
M: "Well, then wear the long blue one with the peplums.
W: "So you don't like what I'm wearing at all!
M: "I do, but you don't seem to like it."
W: "I do not like it? It is the most beautiful thing I have."
M: "Then keep it on."
W: "You just told me to wear the long blue one with the peplums.
M: "You can wear the blue one with the peplums, or the green one with the pointed neckline, or whatever you have on.
W: "Aha, so it's a complete sausage for you what I'm wearing."
M: "Then take the green one, the beautiful green one with the pointy neckline.
W: "First I should keep this on, then I should wear the blue one, and now all of a sudden the green one?
M: "Darling you can..."
W: "I can talk to you about nuclear waste, about the oil crisis, election campaign and pollution, but nothing important!

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