1948 English translation
von Gerard Cox

1948 Lyrics Übersetzung

Outside, the wind howls around the house
But mother knits a warm scarf
And the goose-game on the table
Was it still there next morning
We also went to the forest
That's where we got lost
Got off the road, made a career
Forget all that pancake flavor

And the Netherlands rose under Drees (Dutch PM 1948 / 58)
Fanny Blankers Koen (Sportswoman / nickname "The flying housewife") who won gold four times in London
If you told a lie, it was a shame
The jigsaw puzzle was completed
In the third year of peace
Luck was common then

That school bag turned out to be the first sign
That the matter was looked at
As far as you are without solemnity
Your lifed your life , you lifed your life

Outside, the wind howls around the house
But inside the coal kit was there
And the sidewalk that was used to play marbles
Was the main part of the street
And the Netherlands rose and no one was dying anymore
And conviviality hardly knew time
With tea lights from Verkade


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