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Miriam Lyrics Übersetzung

Miriam screams, Miriam is crying
Miriam storms both fists clenched
High in her room
There on her bed
Banging doors guide the way

And even her BFF
Can not understand her today
The world is mean
The people bad
She does not want to see anyone today

And mum's mascara runs
On angered cheek
The white teeth bared
Behind the obligatory braces

She finally wants to go out longer
Only until half past nine
Stefanie's mom has no problem either
This is really embarrassing
Be the first to go
Once belong
That would be great

Save every tear
These are not problems, as long as that
A movie with Matthias Schweighöfer (german actor) can cheer you up
(this part was a bit ironic)

And Miriam tramples, Miriam raves
She has rehearsed this piece so often
It makes a lot of noise
So mom hears it
And when the knock comes then
Is ignored

They'll see
What they have of it
She certainly does not eat today
Have dinner with them
Fuck the potato
Fuck the spinach
From next summer to boarding school

The room at mom
Is not a hotel
Much more a prison
The grid pastel
The view into the garden
She can not see anymore
All this lawn
And she has to cut it

Save every tear
These are not problems, as long as that
A poem by Julia Engelmann (german poetry slammer) can still give you courage
(also ironic)

But honestly, Miriam
There is still so much left
So many phones
You do not get bought
So many things
Only under supervision
So many dizziness
When you fly up

The boy of your dreams
You will find that
And Miriam believe me
The pimples disappear

Pastel color walls
Can you paint over
But no tattooed Chinese characters.

a few bans
Will make you happy someday
Even if at the moment
Nothing helps except sulking
Watch schmaltzy movies
Wines a bit
Eat three pots of ice cream, chocolate and chips
Because we'll tell you one
Spoiler alert
That it never gets easier again, because
xOne day baby
xWill we be old and laugh about the problems
xWe once thought that we would never be able to solve it

(the three lines above are a quote from julia engelmann's texts)

Save every tear
It will never be so easy anymore
These are not problems
Today I need Julia instead of,
Two bottles of white wine

Save every tear
These are not problems, as long as that
You can still enjoy a song from Das Lumpenpack

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