Trying Songtext
von Young Roddy

Trying Songtext

And I'm just tryin' to get rich my nigga
Ughhh, ridign round with my toolie
Sippin'on that Bobby Brown
Rest in peace to Big Choolie
Rest in peace to big Michael Brown
Hands up and my face down
But the cops still might shoot me
I gave the world my life story
But they still don't know Route the Ruler, damn
I'm just trying stay focused
Tired of seein' my niggas caged
And I know they tired of that joesin'
Been grindin'way to long, god damn
I'm just tryin'to get over, trying to hide my pain
Shit... just hope nobody don't notice
They tried to kill my pride, man
They tried to fuck me over
Got a gold chain on my neck
I got a stone chip on my shoulder
Ima trill nigga, thats trill shit

My momma raised a soldier
My pops left
They told I comprehend it when I get older
Boy, what that is, that ain't good sense
Boy, fuck that shit ima hood nigga
That hood shit in my blood
Say a prayer for a real nigga
They say the good die young
A bitch nigga get jacked quick
But I ain't never jacked my bluff
All they know is sippin' that Henny
All we know is smokin' em blunts
I fell off like a few times
But I got my money back up
Man, they love it when you piss poor
Shit, they hate to see you come up
They hate it when you bounce back
Got mad loot I started from scratch
All we know is flippin' that what?
All we know is shippin' them packs
I thank God for this rap shit
I came a long way from that trap
The devil always workin
Almost knocked me off of my track
Got a bad bitch on the West Coast
And she always smokin' that gas
I beast mode in that pussy
She came first and I came last
Got a hot bitch on the East Coast
Her head fire, she deepthroat
She strip to make a little extra
Say she got money, but need more
But ain't nothing like a Southside bitch
Who was raised up on that G-code
She smoke good, she fuck good
Bitch even wrap them kilos
She learned it from her brother
Told me if she ever need to
She'll whack a nigga no frontin'
Shorty thats my nigga, yah
Shorty keep it one hundred
She compliment my hustle
She the extra piece to my puzzle
If you don't feel me then fuck ya


But pardon my French my nigga
I'm just trying to get rich my nigga.
Its Jet Life to my next life
Bitch it's Jet Life to my...
Better straighten up
She better straighten up
This bitch, she losing her balance
She trying to get to my castle
She wanna fuck a nigga on camera
Soo Woo, 31st I do that shit for that manner
I was raised round that regrag
If you bitch made, you a dead man

Jigga gave you that "Blueprint"

Me I gave you that "Good Sense"

I only talk mathematics

Spitta gave you that "Stoned Immaculate"


I'm just trying to get rich my nigga
Bitch, pardon my French my nigga
Its Jet Life to my next life
Bitch, its Jet Life to my next life

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