Money Songtext
von Yes

Money Songtext

Money high, Money low
Money come, Money go.
Don't worry me
Don't worry me (money don't buy)

The things that we like, the things that we love
The things that we have, so high above
Don't bother me (it doesn't even matter to you)
Don't bother me (money doesn't grow on trees)
Just don't worry!

Now listen!
Suns do shine, moons do glow
Simplicity everyone knows
Don't hurry me (i'm in the middle of a dream)
Don't hurry me (it's not at all the way it seems)

Money so high, money so low
Money to count, money to go
It won't be there where I go (where is that you*re going to?)
It won't be there where I go (where is that you*re going to?)
Just won't be there! No way!

Do wop...
Da da da...


in the background:

A good evening and welcome to a party satirical broadcast
On behalf of the Labour Party, your Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dennis Healey.

Money comes and money goes.
Taxes are high and incomes low,
But you see they don't worry me,
You see it doesn't worry me at all,
It doesn't worry anybody actually.

For example there's an accountant called David Moss,
He's an absolute ----ing disaster,
But he don't worry me.
In fact he worried some people in the Yes group.
And a few others... not me, you see,
You've all been silly billies,
Complaining about high taxation,
But I can tell you quite categorically,
That taxation has never been a problem for me or
Michael Foot - please stop eating those baked beans!
Try and deal with this immigration problem.
Do please, I can't stand it, you see the nig nogs come and the rock stars go,
Jobs get less and dole queues grow,
They don't worry me.

But let's be fair, you see I am alright,
You're all in really a very difficult situation,
But it don't seem to worry me at all.
Now let's have a close look at the financial situation in the country and the home,
And let's face the facts,
I've been up to the North of England,
I hear all the trouble's meant to be,
And for those who are working, things are easy,
And I'm convinced I'm the man who put the second four letters in the word S----horpe.
You see a very good friend of mine,
Who was once a PM -
Well, we'll call him the PM,
He's the Prime Minister, he said,
"Screw anything you can," and I'm trying to do that now with the country.

You see the Tories said "The housewife has never had it so good."
Well I can tell you quite categorically that my wife said she's never had it!
Barbara Castle in fact has tried to look at all inflationary things on the backbench
Well she looked at me, I know!
In fact next week she's going to Bangkok.
Do you feel inflation in your pocket?
I know I do and I'm convinced that Pan's People are at the root of my problem
My main problem these days is that I just can't get a root!
And so ends my party satirical broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.

Good Evening.

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