For Signs from on High Songtext
von Wills Dissolve

For Signs from on High Songtext

Black waves from heaven,
Helpless cries
Embers remain
Fanatical believers condemn you to die

But blood begets blood tonight,
An accursed allegiance of men born of the flame

Crows come shrieking
Air breathes rust
Hills stained red
Our families lie broken and bleeding in the dust

May your souls find no home in heaven,
And your bones be spit from the earth

This cancerous creed
Beyond repentance,
Shall be expelled
From this land now and forevermore!

Hear their cries
Dying breaths
Broken on the soil

Ravens pick
At the eyes
Of the sinful dead

Blood seeps
Through the ground
Sacrifice to drought

Bones jut forth
In the sun
Exposed by righteous hand

Death rattle
Falls adrift
In the painted dust

We met our foe in battle
Our souls on the line
The horsemen in the saddle
We are pressed for time.
So few are left now,
The smoke trails rising
They dance with the stars,
Behold our ashen offering.

The groaning stops
Only the chieftain remains

The lifeless entrails
Heathen decay

They will have no peace
Forever they will burn

Let their bodies rot
The maggots shall feast

Last one alive,
One more to slay,
And all of my faithful are spent.

It cannot be so
To suffer any to live,
Each and every last one be rent.

Their leader is wounded,
Blind in one eye,
With several holes in his flesh.

So I take up his axe,
And swing it on down,
Right into his heart!
In his chest

No more certainty
No more sanctity
No more humanity

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