What More Can I Say Songtext
von William Finn

What More Can I Say Songtext

The lights rise on MARVIN and WHIZZER in bed. Slats of morning light
Cover the designer sheets. Above their heads is a Mapplethorpe of a
Calia lily. MARVIN is wearing a white T-shirt. Whizzer is wearing
Nothing. During the whole song, MARVIN barely moves. WHIZZER,
Sleeping, is slowly moving--next to MARVIN or apart, into MARVIN's
Arms, onto his stomach or his back. Whatever, it's both hot and
Incredibly innocent.)

It's been hot,
Also very sweet.
And I'm not usually indiscreet.
But when he sparkles,
The earth begins to sway.
What more can I say?
How can I express
How confused am I by our happiness?
I can't eat breakfast,
I cannot tie my shoe.
What more can I do?

If I said I love him,
You might think my words come cheap.
Let's just say
I'm glad he's mine awake,

It's been hot
Also it's been swell.
More than not,
It's been more than words can tell.
I halt.
I stammer.
I sing a rondelay.
What more can I say?

I'll stay calm.
Undite my tongue.
And try to stay
Both kind and young.

I was taught
Never brag or shout.
Still it's hot,
Just like how you read about.
And also funny,
And never too uncouth.
That's the simple truth.

(WHIZZER is sleeping face up. MARVIN looks underneath the sheet and is
Stunned by his good fortune.)

Can you tell
I have been revised?
It's so swell,
Damn it, even I'm surprised.
We laugh,
We take it day by day.
What more can I say?


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