This House Songtext
von Will Varley

This House Songtext

Summer rain is getting dark
Emptiness were never part
Time of Rosemarie
Trapped by memories

Fairy Lights and plastic guns
Like two lovers on the run
Carport airplanes
At least in blood stain

I can hear the clock downstairs
Takes fear to be scared
I made a life for you
But you just rolled on through

Thats the last night
I give to you before I die
I'm not sorry that I,
I'm not sorry that I try

Thats the last time
Saw the light behind your eyes
Future's coming for us now
In this house

You can go your seperate ways
But these shadows will remain
This is hard without you
But it's no fun without you

Printed flies are black and white
Faded Jeans down much to tight
Boxes are broken strains
I left it with your things in

Died in harm and smartly dressed

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