Sky Is Falling Songtext
von Wiley

Sky Is Falling Songtext

'My sky is falling down to the floor,
I go to sleep with no one to hold.' (2x)

Eski Boy Yo'
I lost the lot the whole lot every girl,
every house, every ways, every block with no where to live
analysis what ive got.
Musical talent I'm ready can't be stopped I'm ready can't be clocked.
And girl dramas along, me I'm heading for the top spot
with a wife or not, like me or not.
When my sky comes down to the floor and lifes hot,
your girl's done shit but you don't know what.
He wants to make you wanna go on straight unless you wanna go away.
Tight on my flow then I'll flow away.
I wanna live in my own house,
I don't wanna be up in your face both by wasting days away.
It don't matter I know you played the way.
So when you see me looking down don't
judge me hears whats going on today.

'My sky is falling down to the floor,
I go to sleep with no one to hold.' (2x)

[Jookie Mundo:]
I got to sleep listen,
Ive tried so hard but it won't work,
It seems like every girl I get with gets hurt.
Too hot headed, I'm like please forgive me for the tears
that you've sheded,
You don't care about the girls that I've bedded.
How could you say it's over you said it.
The truth is I've gotta switch up my plans now and do more
work for more fans now.
On the real keep your head up, I couldn't believe it
when you said you was fed up
The is your hoe you said go I gotta get up, look is this the
hoe you wanna set up?
Plenty more fish in the sea, I've gotta fish B.
Cause' the sky is falling on this beat.
How can you sit there and let your friends diss me.
Throw me and i won't come back like a fresbee.

'My sky is falling down to the floor,
I go to sleep with no one to hold.' (2x)

Eskiboy Yo,
I can't give up for everydays like a
battle you look at my cage and rattle,
Me while I'm leading the cattle.
She loves me lots but I can't take hassle,
that's why I've gotta leave this right now.
I want an easy life, I want a good one a star in the hood one.
Stay and keep good one but it's over due,
If you've heard me in the last ten years,
I'm over you and my heads well over you,
And your the one I get closer too that's crazy.
I cant call you my lady you can't take the fact I've got a baby.
Inside you hate me. I can see it, you say I'm your man,
Dont want me to be it, might as well family tree it.
Let go right now cause the sky is.

'My sky is falling down to the floor,
I go to sleep with no one to hold.' (2x)

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