Escape (From Hell) Songtext
von Vicious Rumors

Escape (From Hell) Songtext

Here comes the morning light
Once I would run away and hide
But not today you and your heavenly scent
The light inside my blackened world
These horns of burning fire
Extinguished by your angelic smile

Away from all light in darkness my strength is empowered by night
Angel you stole my kingdom of hate
I want you more than death itself but I can't escape from hell
Now it's all too clear I was the king of fear but not today I don't feel the same

What have you done to me the darkness starts to fade away
I need you more than all the souls I took so endlessly
My curse is revealed a new offer made has broken off the deal
What once was black shines in the light
I want you more than death but I can't escape from Hell

You cast me out but I pulled you in
On a collision but this time I win
I wanted more you wanted me too
Now I'm the one possessed by you
I am the black heart of the night
I won't go down without a fight
You went above and I'm left below
Trapped in the Hell with no way out

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