Stranded Songtext
von Van Morrison

Stranded Songtext

I'm stranded
At the edge of the world
It's a world I don't know
Got nowhere to go
Feels like I'm stranded

And I'm stranded between
That old devil And the deep blue sea
And nobody's gonna tell me
Tell me what, what time it is

Every day, every day
It's hustle, hustle time
Hustle time
Every day and every way
One more, one more mountain to climb

It's leaving me stranded (stranded)
In my own little island
With me eyes open wide
But I'm feeling stranded

Every, every, every day
It's hustle time
Every way
One more mountain to climb

I'm stranded (stranded)
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
There ain't nowhere else to be
Accept right here and I'm stranded


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