LTE Songtext
von $uicideboy$

LTE Songtext

I be that skinny fiend sippin lean
Caffeine with codeine
I'm smoking nicotine, PCP
Pills in my cuisine
I'm fucking draped in suede
Wrist dismayed
$uicide renegade
Pop a couple waves up in my grave carving my skin with the blade
I don't fuck with squealers
Known drug dealer
Stealer with the sealer
Slickity always wrecked
Bitch get checked
Grey 59 the set
Chopper make 'em wet
Watch me flex
Y'all just second best
Never second guess
Manifest triple 6 till death

Ruby ain't my mother fucking true name
If I wrote it down, it would combust into a blue flame
Gloom gang banging
Whole crew slain
Bodies in the suitcase
Polo body bag full of bootlegs
Two faced bitch sick a duck
Got your bitch laying goose eggs
Two fangs growing got a tooth ache
Tie me up like a shoestring
Let the noose hang
Out of my box I need a new frame
Ruby da Cherry ain't got a pocket full of fruitcake
Bruce Wayne wanna be
Fuck with me
I'll probably give you something free
Honeys surrounding around me because I'm buzzing like a fucking bumblebee
Most of my raps are fucking tongue in cheek
Fungus in my lungs
Dungeon reeks of crumbling weed
Another day another fee
Pile of fucking dirt you will find me underneath

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