Antarctica deutsche Übersetzung
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Antarctica Lyrics Übersetzung

Locked in my room
Four black walls
Tie the noose
No recall
No resolve
Fuck withdrawal
Rather shoot up till I fall
Murder on call with the 59
Twenty years and it seem like a lifetime
I been hanging everyday from a lifeline
While these fuckers had a dinner every night time
Smo-smokin that dope off the foil let me ball
Hoe please don't call
Don't fuck with ya'll
Spray paint the walls
With blood and whatever
Drag you outside let you rot in the weather
I don't think I can explain any better
I'm $carecrow the terror
I live for the lesser
My birth was an error

I am the lord of loneliness
I'll hold my breath
Just spoke with death
He said he hopes for the best
Told him i'm roping my neck
Then I woke up choking from the hole in my chest

Every day got a lump in my throat
Thats them pills swallowed whole
Smoke a blunt and then fuck all these hoes
End up humping they throat
Get the fuck away from me
I hate all of you faithfully
This world was never made for me
Thankfully I'm trained to see
Passed all the lies, the ranks, the scenes
I'll shank my knees then walk the plank and freeze
Writer(s): Scott Anthony Jr. Arceneaux, Aristos Petrou, Aristos

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