Forever Hold Songtext
von Turner Cody

Forever Hold Songtext

If I am lying in pleasure
Where we met by the light of the moon
To float down the widest river
To arrive in the finest room
Then keep me on the tether there
Where graces wide are strewn
And hold me to the letter there
That all is gone so soon
It was out in the dust of the evening
Where the water flows from the rock
That we met with the greatest feeling
On the dunes of ten o'clock
And now you're face is the sunshine
That feeds the leaves of these eyes
And now your arm is the river vine
That pulls these limbs from the tide
I'll forever hold to you
I will
And when I am cold I hold you still
If ever there were demons
There are demons to be sure
I think that I can see them
Coming right up to the door
And if I only dream them
Let me leave them to recite
Whatever oath's between them
And the skeletons of night
And if that oath I'm under
And I mumble it like a fiend
Then break me from their number
And take me from the scene
And love me like you loved me
When you loved me in the Spring
And mine will be the memory
Whose future you'll redeem
I'll forever hold to you
I will
And when I am cold I hold you still
If I am lazy in splendor
And whistling a tune
With my feet up on the leather
Of the hide of a Mydas tomb
Then do me one the better there
And break my bed of doom
And make your own a bed of stone
As a bride for a wide-eyed groom
And it will be my purpose
To answer when you cry
And if true love deserve us
Then blessed be you and I
And ever-after seldom
Will a tear fall from your eye
And when they ask I'll tell them
That I loved you when I die
I'll forever hold to you
I will
And when I am cold I hold you still

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