Selfish Jean Songtext
von Travis

Selfish Jean Songtext

Thanks for everything
You hung me up by my heart
You're just so selfish Jean
Yes you are
Hey you
Threw it all away
By holding everything in
Hey Jean don't rock the boat
When you can't swim

Well a perfect understanding of the finer things in life
A quite alarming knack of knowing when to twist the knife
Ahhh-ahhh selfish Jean

Here's to you
Who had everything
And left it out on the shelf
There's no-one else to blame
Except yourself

Well a perfect combination of good etiquette and charm
You keep the chocolate biscuits wired to a car alarm
Ahhh-ahhh selfish Jean

But I'm standing on my own
And this house is not a home
It's sad to see you go
Things are high
Things are low
And it's good to know you know
If you got no where to go
Well you could spend the night with me
There will be no guarantee that I'll be here
In the morning
Or any time that you call
I hear you snoring Jean
Through the wall

So hey
Here's to everything
To peace and love in our time
Ah Jean the slate is clean
I guess we're fine

Well I don't expect a miracle
I'm not asking you to change
If you can't see me happy well just look the other way
Ahhh-ahhh selfish Jean
Ahhh-ahhh selfish Jean

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