Just Say No Songtext
von Toddy Tee

Just Say No Songtext

Ah yeah
You say it's all about drugs
They say we're livin in the city of dope, dope, dope, dope...
(Bum-bum-bu-bu-dum-bu-bum-bum-bum...)--> The Jimmy Castor Bunch
[ Mix Master Spade ]
You got to have cash to make it these days
You can make it illegal 100 different ways
You go to the man and get a 8 track
Spent $300, you make 700 back
You can stand in the street and holler (?)
But it's all about the man and the dollar sign
I mean it's crazy out here, it ain't no more fun
I can't walk down the street without my gun
You see, I know this girl, her name was Little Bo Peep
Started hittin her pipe, had to sell her sheep
And not to mention my freak, her name is Red Riding Hood
She smoked Primos cause she thought it taste good
What about the wolf in this fairytale?
He o.d.-ed on coke, died and what the hell
Old gray-hair granny ain't here no more
She o.d.-ed on (?)
You think that's bad? Well, that ain't all
We're all goin down drinkin nasty 8 Ball
This girl named Sue, came to visit you
She bought her pipe and her cocaine too
You said, "What's up Sue, can you cope?"
She said, "Forget that stuff, I just wanna smoke
You go get the pipe and you go get the caine
And I'll just fire it up and things
And everybody get back while I strike a match"
Her eyes got bigger and her face turned black
The flames got bigger, then higher, higher
The neighbors walkin by thought it was a fire
I can remember when Sue was (?)
Now she got more money than the government
Ridin around in her Mercedes Benz
Smokin cocaine with all her friends
Well, she smoked a rock here, she smoked a rock there
She smoked a rock with her mama cause the price was fair
But remember this, little dopedealer man
You better save some cash while you can
Cause the police, man, is havin a fit
Jackin all cars with bumper kits
To the beat y'all, you just don't stop
I'm Mix Master Spade and I'm ready to rock
[ Toddy Tee ]
Hey yo Spade (ah yeah) I know of Little Bo Peep
And it's true, the girl clucked off her sheep
But when I rock, the police, they all confess
And say, "Yo Tee, man, your (?) the best
Well, he was standin on the corner tryin to sell some rocks
A client drove up and said, "What you got?"
He stuck his head in the window and then he said
"It's cocaine, not lemonhead"
She said, "I have $10," he said, "Are you for real?"
She said, "Sex for drugs, I'ma work a deal"
At just hit him at the drop of a dime
And then he said, "My God, I messeth up mine"
She says she wants the five-o and (?) track
She said she didn't like it, so she tried to give it back
And now she wants a quarter, exchange it for her daughter
He said now if he love her he might have to hit the border
The girl is only 12, he might end up in jail
Servin 20 yeras because he rocked the bells
This is someone's mom, now can you be real?
Here come the narcs, baby please don't squeal
She said, "I won't squeal," so he don't choke
"And besides, you have the drugs that I want to smoke"
She was a undercover cop and I tell you the truth
That by the time he made the sale, the narcs, they swooped
But he got arrested for possession and sale
And he's servin 10 years in the county jail
So stay away from drugs cause that's the way to go
Put your hands in the air and say, "no, no, no, no"
(Bum-bum-bu-bu-dum-bu-bum-bum-bum...)--> The Jimmy Castor Bunch
[ Mix Master Spade ]
Was goin with the biggest dealer on the scene
He was 28 and she was 17
Dressed in gold, pretty and gay
And her boyfriend was cluckin his life away
One day he offered Judy a hit
And old Judy bein funny and the girl took it
And they were just like your mom's favorite recipe book
You find a recipe you like and then you're hooked
But now Judy clucked out walkin around
It's a shame, the white powder made the girl go down
And everytime Judy leaves the house
She's sayin these words without a doubt:
"The drug bug'll getcha if ya don't watch out
The drug bug'll getcha, it'll make you shout
The drug bug'll getcha if ya don't watch out"
Know Judy, homeboy? The girl's clucked out
(Bum-bum-bu-bu-dum-bu-bum-bum-bum...)--> The Jimmy Castor Bunch
[ Toddy Tee ]
So all you hardhead kids who want to gain fame
Sellin crack to another's not the name of the game
So hardhead kids, you don't understand
My rockbox is in command
Just say no!
Just say no!
(Long Beach)
(San Francisco)
(Staten Island)
(Puerto Rico)
(San Diego)
(Hawaii and people of the world)

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