Stanky Stanky Songtext
von Three 6 Mafia

Stanky Stanky Songtext

(Coughing, child laughing)
Child: said your smokin', that's stanky!
Roll it up, smoke it up
We call it stanky, stanky
Cough it up, choke it up
We call it stanky, stanky
I got plenty stanky stanky, ounces back to twanky twankies
Once I'm on that dro, I'm in the zone and you can't stop my thinkin'
Representin' Tennessee, where folks be on that latin weed
And if you want a Cutie of that stanky then get up with me
Pushin' products 'cross the planet, bitch my shit is choke-a-lactic
Soon as you fuckin hit it, got'chu itchin' breakin' out in rashes
Hold on to that dope and do not choke, I know its potent potent
Hit repeat on this song, that's what I did whenever I smoked n' rolled it
So I quote it, best go get it, weasles, will not be no bitchin'
Once you taste it, can not waste it, so it will be in your wishes
So you found it, and you bought it, now you gonna have to pass it
Ask me if I feel it, yea I feel it, I'm immune to scratchin'
(Verse 2, Frayser Boy)
Get the dro, break it down, fill the 'gar with the weed
Seal it up, get the fire, lighters are a bigger need
Choke it up, pass it 'round, cloud of smoke fill the room
Da heavy dope, 'bout to choke, so dizzy, who can feel it too?
Frasyer Boy love to smoke, don't like it bitch? sue me!
Nigga I've been smokin' that ohhhhweeee!
(Backround repeat ohhhhweeee through verse 3)
I was down in California smokin' on some chronic
Man this shit is killa, had me spendin' all my money
I wanted to get in the playboy mansion, probably meet a bunny
And get some fire ass dro 'n release some semen in her stomach
We smoked up all the green all weekend, til' today is sunday
It had me dancin' 'round the room just like my nigga Crunchy
Now I'm a weed smoker, mang fuck what'chu talkin' 'bout!
A dro choker, boy put this in yo' fuckin' mouth!
We rolled the Rovers mang all the way to L.A
'Cuz L.A. got some of the best in the U.S.A
Me, bein' a king, I can't smoke it if it ain't light green
Or a matter of fact I can't even be on the fuckin' scene
(Echo Fade, roll it up)

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