My Life Songtext
von The Pointer Sisters

My Life Songtext

Now's the time
To lay it on the line, boy
You better believe it
You had your chance
To break it down and dance
But you blew it
By trying to tell me how to
Run my life
Look at me
Just sit down and think it over
Can't you see
That I wasn't born yesterday
Working girl
In a world full of confusion
Far too cool
To be taken for a fool
This is my life
And I'm livin' like I'm walkin'
Crazy high life
So you better learn how to play
Doin' that fast life
Got you going 'round in circles
This is my life
And I'm calling all the shots this time
Boys like you
I know the way you do
Waiting something for nothing
All talk, no work
Go ahead and do the jerk
'cause you blew it
You'll never hold me with your gangster love
Look at me
It should be so elementary
Can't you see
you know that I'm no stranger to the street
Mama said
In a world full of confusion
Take control
you were never born to lose

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