Dare Me Songtext
von The Pointer Sisters

Dare Me Songtext

I've got a chip on my shoulder
With your name on it
(Knock it off)
So don't just stand there foolin'
If you don't want it
(Knock it off)
I say you're either a lover
Or you are a liar
So don't you push too hard
You're playin' with fire

Baby, make your move
Step across the line
Touch me one more time
Come on, dare me
I wanna take you on
I know I can't lose
I'll be loving you
If you just dare me

Looks like you're lookin' for trouble
And I'd say you found it
(You found it)
You'll have to come right through me
There's no way around it
(You found it)
I hope that lean hungry look
Means what it's saying
'Cause I'm just sittin' on ready
Ready and waiting

[repeat CHORUS]

Come on and dare me
If there's any truth
Behind your intentions
This night's gonna end up on fire
You better believe it
You better believe it, oh baby

Oh, dare me, dare me,
Dare me

[repeat CHORUS 3x]

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