The Gypsy Songtext
von The Irish Rovers

The Gypsy Songtext

Wake up my love and sing me a song
You've lain here beside me all the night long
Will you remember me will you return
Or leave me to sorrow and to yearn
I am a poor boy and i have no gold
All i have owned has been bargained and sold
But i will give you the sun and the stars
And i will show you what you are

Nancy will you come will you follow after me
My coach is waiting i will set you free
Will you leave your husband his castle and estate
To follow the roving gypsy

Once i was as rich as a king with his crown
Carriages and servants a man of renown
But then i was robbed by a bold highwayman
And left without a penny in me hand
Now just like him a robber i may be
Who rambles round this country and sleeps among the trees
But i have a heart just as true as any lord
And more than many can afford

No i will not follow, follow after you
Your story is all lies and your heart it isn't true
I'll not leave me husband his castle or estate
To follow the roving gypsy

You're a highborn lady and with me you have lain
Knowing you would never ever see me again
And so before i go my duty must be paid
For all that i have done and left unsaid
I will take me payment from the riches that you wear
The rings upon your fingers and the jewels in your hair
You can have your husband his castle and estate
Perhaps me love we'll meet again by fate

Nancy don't you follow, follow after me
For i am a rover me heart is fancy free
And now i have your jewels to buy me food and wine
For i am the roving gypsy

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