The Bold and the Beautiful Songtext
von The Drugs

The Bold and the Beautiful Songtext

Each afternoon there's nothing else suitable
Tea and bickies with the Bold and the Beautiful
While outside is sending me crazy
I'll be your Thorn if you be my Macy

Go, go, go (x5)
Go, go, go, daytime T.V!

Amber is a scammer from the wrong side of the tracks
She's been sneaking round with Deacon; he wants her and his baby back
But she's married now to Rick who is an unsuspecting victim
Rick's mum Brooke tried to warn him but he didn't want to listen
Hey, Brooke and Deacon are now lovers, but in direct retaliation
To Rick and Amber's marriage, Deacon married Rick's relation
And in this sick and twisted world where blood appears as thin as water
Deacon's wife is Rick's sister Brigitte, and therefore Brooke's daughter

Each afternoon and there's nothing else suitable
It's tea and bickies with the Bold and the Beautiful
We'll get up late and have a 3pm breaky
I'll be your C.J. if you be my Becky

Go, go, go (x3)
Go, go, go, daytime T.V!

Eric, Ridge and Thorn have all been married to Brooke
But of the Forester men it's on Ridge that she's hooked
Ridge's marriage to Brooke met its inevitable failure
He's been happily married twice now to a woman named Taylor
But Brooke wasn't happy with a simple separation
She said I'll get that guy I've got drive and determination
It's come to Stephanie's attention and her intervention
Will seek to the prevention of Brooke's bad intentions
This plot is lacking some counter attacking
When they write Macy back and she'll send that bitch packing

Go Ricki (x7)
Go Jerry (x8)

I know that I've got a love strong and mutual
Every afternoon with the Bold and the Beautiful
So many plots and so many issues
Some days we have to use a whole box of tissues
I've never known a love deeper or greater
Than taping each episode to watch again later
I don't think it's bad or unusual
This sacred love of the Bold and the Beautiful

Go, go, go (x7)
Go, go, go, daytime T.V!

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