Glass Songtext
von The Crystalline Effect

Glass Songtext

When you look up at the sky
I know it makes you want to fly
It's not that easy don't you try
'Cause there's a glass ceiling lie
There's a glass ceiling lie

And don't look around you 'cause you might find
They're following you close behind
They watch and listen, look and learn
And if you falter you will burn
You think you're running far away
They're getting closer every day
I see you walk the fine line
You show the sign

She's got imagination working overtime
When she gets closer to the shore they move the line
Sometimes all she wants, leave it all behind
But she gets closer, closer to fine

It's so disturbing when you can't see the rules
'Cause they change in front of you
Everyone else is rushing by,

You're still standing still
When all around you fades to grey
You watch them turn and slip away
You try to follow, you slip and fall
You're up against the glass wall

She says she's hurting all the time
She's covered in bruises, her body and her mind
She says she's hurting all the time
But if she stops, she crashes

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