Castles in the Sand Songtext
von The Booth Brothers

Castles in the Sand Songtext

Like a child by the sea shore
Building castles in the sand
Foolish dreams I have dreamed day by day
Leaving God out completely
Till the day my castle′s grand
Fell apart in the tide and swept away

In each life storms will gather
Rains descend and wild winds blow
Wise the man who in God is anchored fast
Are you then like that wise man?
Are you anchored?
Do you know you are saved till the storms of life are past

Castles build upon the sand
Though they seemed to be so grand
Will surely melt away
For in life's raging storm
They cannot stand
In the rock of the ages
All my hopes are build today
And in the rock they will never pass away
And in the rock they will never pass away

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