Low Hangin' Fruit Songtext
von Tenacious D

Low Hangin' Fruit Songtext

Well, me and Kage are hungry
We're hungry for some fruit
We wander through the garden
It would be a hoot

To eat some low hangin' fruit
We're on a freaky pursuit
Don't want no high class model in designer fuckin' bathing suit
We want the low hangin' fruit

Me and Kage are horny
We're lookin' for a snack
Lookin' for a plump one
With a tasty crack

We want some low hangin' fruit
She wear the beekeeper suit
She got the shit kicking boot
We need the low hangin' fruit

She got the flip-flops on with hot red potatoes
And the butt-floss 'long with fried green tomatoes
And she love that song we sing for the ladies
Come on
Oh my god

Rip-snort and a flip-florp fiddly-fjorp...

Low hangin' fruit
She wears a pink parachute
She got the fly tattoo and the honky-tonky daisy dukes
We love the low hangin' fruit
Because the high-class fruit is not gonna fuck me
But the low-class fruit is sweet chunky monkey
When you smoke that fruit, you smell like a skunky
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on

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ist an vielen Stellen falsch freaky persuit, bee keeper suit, etc