Powers of Ten Songtext
von Suuns

Powers of Ten Songtext

[?] read in the paper
[?] stranger
[?] stranger and stranger
[?] you don't understand it
[?] you can't, [?] stand it
The sooner or later, [?] or later
You try to explain but you don't wanna wake her
Not only don't you know, no, you don't understand it
[?] if know it you don't understand it

[?] to the east
[?] the sinner
[?] together
[?] in the eye
Year after year
Forever and ever
Not only [?], no, you [?] it
[?] if know it you [?] it

[?] of ten
Powers of ten
I wish [you were?] my friend
[?] a machine
[?] it was older than me
Your hand
Forever and ever
And ever and ever

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