The Warden of Grief Songtext
von Sunless Rise

The Warden of Grief Songtext

Deeper into the endless forest they press and press
Making their way past deadfalls and swamps
After days of struggle and nights of fear
The Seekers come to a desolate settlement
They are greeted by the wretched villagers
With eyes full of dread they tell
The story of the powerful Shaman
And the irrevocable damage he had done

Long ago under a troubled night sky
Having given birth to a girl, his wife died
The child was marked by Evil
A bizarre creature she was
But the Shaman loved her
More than anything on this Earth

The elders were certain she had no soul but the void
Inhabited by demons — the death knell for everyone
The stubborn Shaman was sure he would save her
The mighty ritual he was to perform but it took too long
One fateful day leading up to the rite
He took his leave and went hunting in the forest
The villagers swarmed into his spectral abode
They killed the girl and burned his home to ash

Evil comes from evil
Leading corrupted souls
To the darkest depths
Evil breeds evil

When Shaman returned he saw what they'd done
His hatred burned like a raging inferno
His ritualistic faith was dead and gone
He aligned himself with the darkness and demons
His vengeance was brutal, his hands were stained
With the blood of the elders, the young, women and children
They had all taken part, so they were doomed to fall
Evil breeds evil, one tragedy fits all

Evil comes from evil
Leading corrupted souls
To the darkest depths
Evil breeds evil

Then a portal to the darkest depths opened wide
The eternal void where the soulless creatures roam
And a gateway for them to our world
Many years later the portal was guarded
By a solitary monk who built a shrine sealed from the inside
But the fear still lurks
The fear still lurks

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