Lost Path Songtext
von Sunless Rise

Lost Path Songtext

I haven't fought against the chill,
I have accept frost, I've got its power,
A lot of thoughts, evoked by elder,
Are crowding in my head

How could people loose their way
Abyss is the only issue
I don't want to bear with it,
How could I live this way,
People're parts of internal machine,
People should come to them-selves
While they still have time

What do we come in this world for?
For leading a meaningless fast life?
Are people really created for
Becoming similar to beasts?

Suddenly I've seen a rum lake,
With mysterious bright shine
Coming hearer I've seen a vision
Strange alluring World with shining people (men)

World, full of perfect concord,
Men with infinite skills
I've seen a lot of strangers
Having invaded the fine world
They've sowed the dissension and disbalance (hatred)
They've parted World, enthralled the men.

Those strangers perverted the truth,
They've destroyed pure ideals.
Strangers have held sway over natives,
Concord turned into slavery.

I've seen the World where I came from,
Where men are fuddled with grim lie,
Illusion (fancy) of liberty has dazzled them
And hidden gist of slavery.

World, full of broken lots,
Men with bounded senses.
All of a sudden I've seen myself among these zombies,
I've been a tool in these priests' hands,
I've made an arm that ruined my life.

The sights have vanished in the gloom of lake,
They've left just grayish ice.
I've realized how world became enslaved
And how the truth sank into lie.

It's time to open eyes and look at the truth,
Admit reality. It's time to understand one's sense of life
And live in concord with oneself.

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