Recovering The Truth Songtext
von Sunless Rise

Recovering The Truth Songtext

I struggled my way
Throughout deep woods
Following North Star.
I stepped on the small path
By fallen trees
And saw glimpse somewhere far

I stumbled on a square.
Archaic cromlech in the middle
Showed me four epochs.
Four ancient temples cornered it
I chose the first one
Named Temple of Serenity

Dazzled by the radiance
I stepped to sanctuary
Dipped hand into the light
Bright vision appeared before my eyes

The whole universe
breathes perfect harmony
Spiritual culture prosperity
Gigantic people
attain hundred thousand years
They're of transcendent capacity
And superior intelligence
Unaware of ignorance and sin

It took my breath away
It was ideal perfect realm
I was not ready to fathom
Regained my consciousness
I eagerly stepped to the next
Appeared Temple of Mercy

I saw obscure glow
And stepped to sanctuary
Dipped hand into the light
There came striking insight

Humanity has changed
Everything transformed
People still spiritual powerful
But lost the austerity
They live ten thousand years.
It's reign of mercy, purity
and honor that force to sacrifice
To bloody vile rites
Degrade put the trust to fate

Deeply whirling my mind
Many questions dug me up
What was the main reason
Why had regress begun
I entered the third fane
Named Temple of Discord
Struggling Sinister presage
I spread my hand to light

People lapsed
Lost inner innocence
They suffer from diseases
And live no longer thousand years
Have split to castes
They sank into the endless wars
I fear to look
Into next temple

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