Reborn Songtext
von Sunless Rise

Reborn Songtext

Escaping from myself
I came to be at abyss:
This struggle that was inside me
Distracted me, teased my soul
Distracted me
I am at
The crossroad of
Life and death

I didn't know who I was.
What was my destiny?

Being in the endless stream of senseless problems
The breath of life overpasses
And we don't see the main things

Other people's desires
Fill our hearts and life passes
Via other people's script.
And only after coming here
I suddenly began to see
Yeah! I was blind fool
The hardest thing is
to fight off own fears
To do the first step

I woke up after long sleep
Cold air will give me a lot of strength
Wind will show me my path
And I go on the way to know myself
And I'll reach my goal
To know peace, to know harmony

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