Power Break Songtext
von Sunless Rise

Power Break Songtext

This is а new testament
A modern exodus
Into the sunless realm
Your desperate calls
Are met with no response
But mind corroding lies
Now poison's burning
In wide-open mouths
No pride, no hope for slaves
Blinded they march to graves

Rise up and see the light (look around)
Wise up before you're gone
You gotta fight this fire (the flame of greed)
Who else can make it done?

Their goal's to occupy your mind
Do not think, just
Stand in line
It's spread across the
Burning Earth
The virus that's about to kill this world
This cancer can only be cured
When their gimmicks lose their allure

Rise up, revive the truth
Unmask their wicked lies
Stop sacrificing souls
For the future of the masters

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