Awakening Songtext
von Sunless Rise

Awakening Songtext

At the end of dense brake of the forest
I see a snowy gloomy plain
With hill beyond. i want to get that hill
I stick in snow, sharp pain i feel
And freezing blood runs in my body,
I'm chilled to bones by deadly frost,
I hear voices everywhere
Recalling me what i have done

How can i find exit from this icy hell,
Severe chill wraps up my body
If i don't hide in any place
I'll kick the bucket anyway

Having reached that hill
I see mysterious hut,
I feel excited, i am directed there,
And having reached that shelter
I pull the heavy wooden door
I enter into old pitch-darkness
Somewhere in the heart of hut
I see white-headed elder

I see shadows of the past
I'll be able to change what i've done,
I was blind and now i pay for mistakes
What for
Why i've come here, in that strange place?
Who says
If it's the place where i'll get answers
And put in order my roving thoughts

The elder fixes eyes on me,
We tacitly look at each other
He says: "you are from dirty world,
From world of frauds, from world of falsehood
Illusions govern people's lives
And hide the truth from their minds
You all are slaves of damn illusions,
You don't have chance to see the light

You drift through life along the way
That leads you to deadlock one day,
You fill the earth with useless trash
Turning fast human potential to ash
You make machines instead of working,
Instead of mastering your skills
And you yourself, you wanted to get answers
That's why here you came".

During one's living
Surrounds people
Only after waking one can start true living
Don't doubt!
We hear from everywhere
It cannot last forever,
Changes come from oneself

Don't be afraid of frost, accept it and it'll give
You power to self-development. nature cannot do
Any harm, it'll help you to open your hidden

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