Gummi Bears Songtext
von Suburban Legends

Gummi Bears Songtext

They′re dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
They march through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along as their song fills the air.

Gummy bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure far beyond compare.
They are the gummy bears.

Well, magic and mystery are part of their history.
Along with the secret of gummy beary juice
Their legend is growing, they take pride in knowing,
They'll do what is right in whatever they do.


Well, my girl Dolores, she marched through the forest
She takes one and then she sticks it down her pants
I like the red ones, and I like the yellow ones!
We bite off their heads and give ′em to our friends

(Chorus x4)

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