The Interview Songtext
von STS

The Interview Songtext

Good evening, ladies & gentleman
How you doing out there tonight? We have a special guest in the house
The illustrious, Sugar Tongue Slim
We′re going to sit down and talk with him
So Slim, where you from?

Southwest ATL, Ralph Lauren to the socks, can't you mother fucking tell?
West end to the point, niggas, that′s my joint
People know me around there, so I can go where I want

The name Sugar Tongue Slim, how'd you come up with that?

Well just listen to the wordplay displayed in the raps
And besides all that, I'm a god damn mack
Try to keep it P.C., but see, niggas want facts

Now how did you get started as an artist? Did you always wanna emcee?

Naw, I wanted to be an M.D., and I ain′t talking Dre Beats
Speak like Ye beats, from the soul when I speak in prose or in poetry
Used to do slam just to make a little cash
So with these words I bust niggas′ ass

My bad, don't mean to cut you off but looking at your writing I can see the poet background, it′s not that surprising. Realizing that, what made you choose to rap?

Niggas told me I should write one, it ended up a nice one
Next thing you know, I was just nice son (Word... word)

Now is it true you used to meddle in the mack game, and rack brains and pretty young things that do whatever for the change?

I claim responsibility
A couple hoes literally, was on the right path until they met my ass
My bad, my flaw, I saw opportunity and took it
I don't sell crack, nor do I cook it
So look it, my crooked connects put me in check
This is how the game goes, got my pimpin′ correct

Now may I interject, how did you go from poetry to pimping? They both just seem sort of different

Well actually, the way they use words is what attracted me, naturally
Besides the perks and pussy, and the salary that's tax free
But fact me a little book, unbeknown to most
And I ain′t talking champagne when I prose a toast
The most elegant embellishments of street life
And I was at a point in time I couldn't see right

Wow, seems like you've seen a lot in your life so let′s switch gears and talk about your peers on the mic. Who you like?

Of course I′m a 'Kast fan, Jay, Big, Nas, 50, Em and then some Redman
But damn, now who did I forget to say, I like The Roots
Oh yea, Common Sense and Kanye, Weezy [?] in the deck
Tip, I do respect, Clipse fan since And liver than my man, and The Lox
I wanna thank Free for hopping on the track free
And [?]shouts out to Peedi-P

Now tell me this, on your songs when you say . What you talking about?

Naw′ man, I'm saying GOLD, it′s an acronym
Gentleman of Leisure & Development
I'm trying to get the whole world yelling it

Okay, tell a bit about Demand More and what′s changed?

Shit, I don't know more mother fuckers know my name
Naw', it′s been cool, people really take notice
I got some things in the works, but it′s my main focus
My greatest yet to come, I'm just umm′
At the, with groove and them
Trying to make a move with him

Uh hu, so it's the new age, internet is the new craze. People have a way of putting music out in new ways. Does that affect you, good or bad what would you say?

My whole Demand More campaign is internet based
Obviously the piracy is a problem, but the irony
Is niggas whole album ain′t even worth buying, be
It's the artist who are artist suffer
Talking real rap niggas, not them ringtone mother fuckers
And interdependency in numbers like the majors
Labels ain′t putting in the labor, they can't receive the paper
All they see is views on the YouTube
And naw', I ain′t impressed by these new dudes, they doo-doo

So who is Sugar Slim and why should I buy into him?

For the same reasons that you don′t buy into them
See I extend myself to you with every verse I do
It's purpose in my poetry, that′s deeper than the booty-do
Reminiscence of hootie-hoo, like 'Dre before the dreads
Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik still in my head
Still in my mind, I find time to find piles of jewels
So when I shine, it looks good on you

Well, thank you STS for your time, I know you stay on your grind. For extra footage, you can check us out online. Before we go, is there anything else you wanna let ′em know?

What up T.S.B. [?] Demand More

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