On the Edge of Society 2.0 Songtext
von Stillbirth

On the Edge of Society 2.0 Songtext

Fire, fire
Fight for your life
Fire, fire
No way out

First priority
Staying alive
That's the only way
To get out

Fire, fire
Fight for yo,ur life
Fire, fire
No way out

Survival in the slums is not an easy game
Face to face, my life is a disgrace
Every area belongs to another gang
You need to have your eyes everywhere

The weapons determine the conversation
And the blood takes over the negotiations

A life's worth nothing and don't hope for mercy
Drug gangs roam in search of new sacrifice
The law of the road is brutal reality
Are you not one of them then you are released for shooting

Around every corner
Death awaits with a pump-gun
On the bum who
Has emerged at the wrong time

Only one bullet left what do you do now
A street fight is without rules awake your killer instinct
Let the animal out you're full of adrenalin
Show him what you got

Use the sand on the ground and throw it in his eyes
Grab the knife in the trash and ram it into his head
Victory is close but the bastard is tough
Another kick on his head

Don't turn your back to him
He is still alive
Shot him right between his fkn eyes
Good that you left the bullet
For this right moment
That's what i told you about
A good street fight

Run as fast as you can
You have to leave the area
Nobody ever will know
What you did tonight
Run as fast as you can
You will get out alive
Nobody ever will know

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